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Pervious Cover Qualifications and Exemptions


Thank you for your consideration of Quality Granite Roads. Our company provides a viable alternative, in low speed applications, to petroleum based asphalt and chemicals. We are a locally owned company that appreciates your business.

The product we have is not the decomposed granite sand you are familiar with. This is a granite road base with granite aggregate to 1" that is custom produced especially for us. This material handles heavy traffic dramatically better than the granite sand. Dust and mud are virtually eliminated with our product and will not track in your building.

The method of installation is equally as important as the product itself. We install the granite with a paving machine. The augers that feed the screed on the paver keep the granite properly mixed and the granite is placed in a single pass. Any other method, including blading or back-dragging, will separate the material.

This product is not detrimental to trees when used inside the drip line. When used as a stand-alone product, without crushed limestone underneath it, permeability is retained. The typical asphalt maintenance regimen of continual crack sealing and seal coating are eliminated. The City of Austin has completed studies on what the seal coating process and chemicals are doing to our water quality. The studies targeted Barton Springs and Town Lake, but the effects are universal.

Our installed product will qualify in most jurisdictions for pervious cover. On a recent central Texas project, storm water detention was waived by their jurisdiction because of the utilization of our compacted granite for parking areas instead of impervious cover.

We do not have data yet for the filtering effects of the water passing through the granite, but this is another logical benefit.  In areas that do not have extensive existing storm drain systems, storm water detention ponds will just release into a roadway ditch.  Our product should reduce total run off from your site.

Your jurisdiction may or may not waive your storm water detention requirement, but at the very least, the percentages will change dramatically. This is an environmentally friendly alternative to asphalt. For our customers, we will provide gradation reports and a copy of the City Engineer's letter waiving the storm water detention requirements for their jurisdiction, and a pervious cover demonstration video.


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